BBL for Skin Tightening

Are you tired of dealing with embarrassing loose or sagging skin?

Restore the youthful appearance of your skin with SkinTyte™. It is a BBL treatment that encourages collagen production by rejuvenating your skin cells and leaving you with a firmer surface on all your problem areas. Feel confident and comfortable in your skin with this proven, innovative, and safe solution.

I am totally blown away by this Dr. They are kind, compassionate and medically driven to do the most ethical thing for the customer. Dr. D and his assistant are efficient, detailed and personalize the experience. I got the exact result I wanted. The hand written thank you note I received days later, was the epitome of customer service, 1st class. My follow up emails are well received, and I am thankful I found this business.

From start to finish, an excellent experience. I’ve been to many dermatologists and medical spas for various procedures and no one else has taken this amount of time to explain in depth different procedures, answer my questions, or offer tips and advice to optimize my experience and end result. You really feel you’re in good hands with a Dr. who genuinely cares about you and your goals. And prices are very reasonable! You can’t go wrong at Elysium.

My treatments have been very beneficial to my appearance. Dr. Delaney was very attentive and thorough with his services, ensuring I would get excellent results. He is methodical and precise about giving the best end results that look incredibly authentic. Being able to look my best while also looking completely natural is A+ in my book 🙂

What Is SkinTyte

SkinTyte is a procedure to help restore your youthful appearance by tightening and firming sagging, loose skin. This FDA-approved procedure is safe, non-surgical and non-invasive. It can be used to treat nearly any part of your body where you are frustrated with the excessive laxity of your skin. A member of our team can help you develop the personalized treatment plan that is best for you and your goals.

Common SkinTyte treatment areas include:













What Causes Loose Skin

When you age, your skin’s elasticity decreases and gradually becomes less firm because of the reduction of collagen and elastin proteins that gives your connective tissues strength and structure. It simply does not bounce back as quickly or as perfectly as it did when you were younger.

Fat that was once evenly distributed in the upper portion of your face, keeping it plump around your forehead, eyes, and cheeks, loses volume, and shifts downward. Simultaneously, the lower portion of your face may gain fat, so your cheeks and jowls sag and you get loose skin under your chin.

While anyone can get saggy skin, it is more likely to occur in people as they age, those who have lost significant amounts of weight, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. Sagging skin can be challenging to treat at home, that’s why SkinTyte treatments are so effective.

How Do You Fix Loose Skin

SkinTyte is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to tighten and reduce the appearance of sagging skin. This outpatient procedure is performed in the comfort of our office and the treatment is typically very short (length of time varies depending on the treatment area).

To perform a SkinTyte procedure, a member of our team will use a device that utilizes BroadBand Light™, or BBL™, technology and apply intense pulsed light to the treatment area. The energy from the light gently but rapidly pulses, encouraging the natural healing processes in the body. The deeper skin is heated with infrared light technology while protecting simultaneously the surface level of the skin by keeping it cool.

There is typically no downtime associated with this procedure, but it is common to see mild redness after treatment. To achieve the best results, additional treatments may be required. It may take up to 4 to 6 months to see your full results from a procedure, and results may vary.

The Benefits of the SkinTyte Procedure

BroadBand Light treatments harness the power of intense pulsed light to improve your skin’s tone and texture from the inside. Light energy from the device gently heats the layers of skin tissue below the surface and stimulates your body’s ability to regenerate new, healthy collagen. After a series of SkinTyte treatments customized to your needs, your skin appears smoother, firmer, and more youthful looking.

This noninvasive treatment is quick, easy, and gentle on the surface of your skin. You can return to your daily activities immediately following your SkinTyte appointment.

SkinTyte FAQ’s

Am I a Good Candidate for SkinTyte™?

Patients who should consider SkinTyte are looking for moderate, noticeable skin tightening without having to undergo surgery. Full results often take up to 4 to 6 months.

How does SKINTYTE™ work?

The SkinTyte procedure utilizes infrared energy to deeply heat collagen in your skin. The heat initiates the body’s natural healing processes, which create a renewed collagen foundation resulting in increased skin firmness. Powerful cooling maintains the outer surface of your skin at a cool temperature before, during and after each pulse providing you a comfortable, safe procedure.

What can I expect during a treatment?

The SkinTyte light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses. There is no need for a topical anesthetic cream. A series of pulses will be repeated over the treatment area to ensure best results.

Hown often does SKINTYTE™ need to be done?

SkinTyte results are best when done in a series of 5 treatments approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart. Visible results may not be seen until after the second or third treatment. The full extent of improvement may take up to 4 to 6 months to see.

Is Skintyte Painful?

No, the SkinTyte™ treatment should not hurt. As the technology delivers heat to the area, the device also cools the skin to ensure the surrounding area is not affected and that you remain comfortable. Patients typically report minimal discomfort throughout their process.

How Long Is Recovery Time for SkinTyte™?

This is a noninvasive and gentle procedure with no downtime. NO special care regime is required following the treatment. Your skin will be slightly red or pink following the treatment. This will subside after about 20-30 minutes. You are able to return to work, apply makeup and resume your activities immediately. However, you should always protect your skin from direct sun exposure and use a good sunscreen.

Dr. Delaney’s Input on SkinTyte Treatments


  1.   When you book a SkinTyte™ BBL treatment at the Elysium Medical Arts Center, someone from our team will sit down with you in a consultation to assess your needs and skin type suitability for the treatment.
  2.   The treatment does not require topical anesthesia. During the 30-minute treatment you will experience a bright snapping light on the surface of your skin. Most people tolerate the treatment very well.
  3.   SkinTyte™ can treat many areas of the body. There is no downtime after the treatment, and you can easily go about your day.
  4. When your treatment is complete a member of our team will schedule your next appointment.
  5. Depending on your needs and treatment type, multiple sessions will be scheduled at appropriate intervals to optimize your best results.

Still wondering if SkinTyte™ is right for you? Contact us today at Elysium Medical Arts Center and schedule your consultation! Our team is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Here is exactly what you can expect when you book with us:

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face lift Edmonds, WA
face lift Edmonds, WA
face lift Edmonds, WA

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I have seen Dr. Delaney at Elysium multiple times. I He is smart, genuine, honest and great at what he does! I have been super pleased at my results from Botox, lip filler, Halo laser and BBL. My favorite thing about his practice, second only to my skin looking amazing is that I never feel rushed out the door with him. He always takes time to answer all my questions and makes me feel heard and like I am a part of the process! I appreciate his conservative approach and that I never have to worry about going over board with anything-if he doesn’t think I need something-I can count on his honesty and that he will recommend what’s going to look the most natural on my face. Highly recommend Elysium to anyone looking for quality anti-aging, aesthetic medicine and skin care.

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