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Five Reasons Why This Treatment is One of the Best for Your Skin

We at Elysium Medical Arts Center believe in offering our clients the finest in world class aesthetic light treatments.

We invest in the most premier laser equipment to empower our patients to optimize skin health and personal beauty.

The Sciton Nano Laser Peel is an excellent introductory skin treatment for you that is safe and easy. It requires no anesthesia and has minimal downtime.

Typically, this treatment of the face takes approximately 20 minutes. It treats fine lines, texture and tone to produce smooth and luminous skin. It is very safe and can be used on all skin types of any age.

To add value to our offer we have priced this superior treatment for you at an incredible discount. We are currently offering this Nano Laser Peel of the face for $100. This represents an amazing discount of $200. (Retail value: $300).

Five Main Benefits of the Sciton Nano Laser Peeel

  • FAST – this procedure is completed in 20 minutes.
  • EFFECTIVE – focused laser light to treat fine lines, skin texture and tone.
  • SAFE – all skin types may be treated.
  • PAINLESS – no anesthesia is required for this procedure.
  • MINIMAL DOWNTIME – only mild redness with light peeling over a few days.

So, why wait?! Please call our number below to schedule your Nano Laser Peel at your earliest convenience. You deserve to invest in your health and your appearance. This is your perfect start!


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[accordion_content title=”Is there anything I should do before the treatment?”]It is best to avoid retinol skin products, alpha hydroxy acids (i.e. glycolic acids) and medical grade skin lighteners for about a week prior to treatment. Also, if there are any active lesions on the face (acne, etc.) it is best to wait for these to clear prior to treatment. In addition, minimizing direct exposure to strong sunlight and using SPF 40 or greater regularly is always advised. Lastly please arrive with no make-up on since it will have to be removed prior to the treatment. Also, if there are any active lesions on the face (i.e. acne, etc.) it is best to wait for these to clear prior to treatment.

[accordion_content title=”What should I expect during the treatment?”]The client is placed in a reclining position on the exam chair, the skin of the face is cleansed, eye covers are provided for safety and the laser is applied evenly to the skin of the face from hairline to jawline. Eyelids, lips and ears are not treated. The treatment itself takes approximately 20 minutes however plan to spend at least one hour in the office to complete paperwork, etc.

[accordion_content title=”What should I expect after the treatment?”]Immediately after the treatment the skin is red. An Aquaphor cream is then applied to maintain skin hydration. Redness of the skin typically resolves over 24 hours. The skin will then feel somewhat tight and begin to peel after 2-3 days. Peeling should be complete by the 5th to 6th day. Theoretically you could return to work the next day however, due to mild tightness and peeling, it is generally recommended that a couple days are devoted to self-care without significant social or work engagements.

[accordion_content title=”Is the treatment painful?”]The treatment is not typically uncomfortable however everyone experiences discomfort individually and possibly differently. Topical anesthesia (a gel) is not usually necessary for most individuals however, if requested, can be applied.

[accordion_content title=”When can I expect results?”]Skin begins to feel smooth and look luminous after all of the peeling has resolved. That said your skin will continue to remodel and produce new, fresh skin cells over weeks. You may return to using routine skin products after a week. Please remember that skin health is a lifelong journey just like brushing your teeth or exercising. Therefore, routine skin care is essential to look and feel your best. Please invest in your skin health regularly and wisely.

What Other People Have to Say About Elysium Medical Arts and Dr. Delaney


Christopher Bireley

“My treatments have been very beneficial to my appearance. Dr. Delaney was very attentive and thorough with his services, ensuring I would get excellent results. He is methodical and precise about giving the best end results that look incredibly authentic. Being able to look my best while it also looking completely nature is A+ in m,y book 🙂


Lonnie Vodnick

“After my sessions with Dr. Delaney, several r friends approached me stating that I “looked so rested” or that I “appeared to look younger”. At first, i shrugged it off, but now I let everyone know that BBL light treatments coupled with a fractional laser treatments, specifically Halo, really do work! And a little filler does wonders as well. Dr. Delaney did an outstanding job, from the consultation through post treatment. He is kind, thorough, and comforting throughout the procedures. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about a re-freshening.

Amazing experience

“Wonderful experience! Dr. Delaney is a true skin and beauty artist, with a very open honest approach to what treatments and procedures fit your personal needs and wants. Delightful personality, extremely knowledgeable and very skilled in his techniques. I am very nervous about looking like I have had too much work done; I strive on a look that is subtle and hardly anyone notices I have had…

Awesome Doc

“I purchased a Halo and 3 BBL treatments and my skin hasn’t looked this perfect in years! My makeup lasts throughout the day and I have a glow. People ask me before I get a chance to tell them what’s different. The entire procedures, stat to finish, were exactly what I was told by Dr. Delaney. Dr. Delaney was very informative and reassuring and saw me though the healing process perfectly. I highly recommend the above treatments and going with him if you are looking for a awesome doc who knows his stuff.

Highly recommend Elysium

Lonnie Vodnick

“I have seend Dr. Delaney at Elysium multiple times. he is smart, genuine, honest and great at what he does! I have been super pleased at my results from Botox, lip filler, Halo laser and BBL. My favorite thing about his practice, second only to my skin looking amazing is that I never feel rushed out the door with him. He always takes time to answer all my questions and makes me feel heard and like I am a part of the process! I appreciate his conservative approach and that I never have to worry about going over board with anything-if he doesn’t think I need something-I can count on his honesty and that he will recommend what’s going to look the most natural on my face. Highly recommend Elysium to anyone looking for quality anti-aging, aesthetic medicine and skin care.

Personable and Knowledgeable

Anh Mai

“I would highly recommend Dr. Delaney for anti-aging treatments. I cam in for a consult on sun spots on my cheeks. I felt my skin was not as bright as it used to be. He recommend a Halo and BBL treatment. The Halo helped rejuvenate my skin and the BBL brightened my complexion. I was so happy with my results I returned to the clinic to have CoolSculpting (freezing fat) to get rid of the fat around my abdomen. Dr. Bailey PhD is an associate of Dr. Delaney and she was extremely personable and knowledgeable. She answered my questions about CoolSculpting, Botox, and Fillers. The clinic is modern, compact, and has feels like a boutique.