Jannette Bailey PhD; MBA

I have pursued the science and art of aesthetics ever since I was a young woman. I educated myself about the world of cosmetic products and procedures primarily to maintain the health of my skin and reduce the effects of aging. I studied and participated in this personal passion to such an extent that my good friends would often turn to me about advice for reducing the effects of aging, looking more beautiful and maintaining a youthful appearance. This desire to be my very best and healthiest self, at every age, has stayed with me throughout my life.

While raising my children I earned my PhD in psychology and, in addition, I pursued a Master of Business Administration. I subsequently took these talents to corporate America where I developed and delivered content focused around communication, teambuilding, leadership, accountability, customer service, awareness, and personal clarity and empowerment. During this educational and developmental time, I enjoyed working with many Fortune 500 companies. My corporate journey culminated in December of 2017 when I decided return to the world of private enterprise and aesthetic health by becoming part of DelaneyMD at Elysium Medical Arts Center, joining as Director of Clinical Services. My varied background has provided me with experiences to conduct business and serve clients with empathy, respect, insights and understanding.

I view aesthetics from a holistic perspective of internal health and wellness that also encompasses the outer expression of physical beauty. For example, if you were building a house you would want to employ excellent materials, a solid foundation and a well-crafted internal structure. However, you wouldn’t stop there; you’d also consider the outer aesthetics of your home. The landscaping, fixtures, kitchen & bathroom accessories and artistic decorating are all important for enjoying a beautiful life within your sanctuary. That’s the holistic approach to inner health and outer beauty which is our dedication for you at DelaneyMD. It is with respect, commitment, artistic flair and joy that I will work with you in realizing your health goals and beauty dreams.

Jannette Bailey’s educational and professional background consists of the following:
MBA- University of Utah; Ph.D. – Counseling Psychology- University of Utah; Bachelor of Science in Psychology- University of Utah; Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies; Master’s Practitioner of Neurolinguistics Programming; CoolSculpting Certified; DISC and 360 Certified; Senn Delany Certified

Some of the professional organizations that she has worked with: Keebler/Kellogg’s, NASA, Duke University Hospital, Northrop Grumman, Chevron/Texaco, Panasonic, Toyota, CVS Caremark, Wilson Sporting Goods, USDA, Kimberly Clark, Anheuser Bush, Microsoft, Intel, Cessna etc.