Enhance Your Features with Cheek Fillers

As the aging process occurs, losing volume in the face is completely normal. This is partially due to the loss of skin elasticity. New wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear and deepen as time passes. The skin can start to look saggy and hollow. One of the best possible solutions for a sagging jawline […]
cheek fillers
cheek fillers
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Enhance Your Features with Cheek Fillers

As the aging process occurs, losing volume in the face is completely normal. This is partially due to the loss of skin elasticity. New wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear and deepen as time passes. The skin can start to look saggy and hollow. One of the best possible solutions for a sagging jawline and hollow cheeks are dermal cheek fillers. There are a wide variety of options currently available. The most popular include JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, Volbella®, and Vollure®. A lot of individuals believe the reason they are experiencing loose skin is facial aging. Although this is definitely a contributing factor, the main reason is a loss of volume. This is why once an individual has had a surgical facelift, dermal fillers approved by the FDA are generally recommended to correct the loss of volume and add plumpness.

The majority of visible facial aging has been linked to a loss of volume. Once the facial tissues have begun to thin, lines become etched in the face and there is a hollowness to the cheeks. The lost volume can be replaced using dermal fillers. This sculpts and fills out the cheeks, resulting in a more youthful look. The filler is a substance with a consistency similar to a gel. The filler is injected beneath the skin to enhance and restore the contours of the cheeks. This rejuvenation procedure has already been chosen by more than one million women and men. This is an excellent option for appearing younger without any downtime or the need for surgery. The results of the injections are not only obvious, they are dramatic. There are fillers currently available specifically formulated just for fuller cheeks.

If you are interested in a more youthful appearance, a refreshed look, natural-looking results, and fuller cheeks, this may be the ideal option. The safety profile of cheek fillers is excellent. They are also appropriate for the majority of individuals. The best candidate is above the age of 21 with a loss of volume in the mid-face related to the aging process. Prior to your treatment, the medical professional will talk to you about your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. If you have certain conditions, you will be unable to have this procedure. This includes:

• Individuals with a bleeding disorder or prone to bleeding
• An allergy to specific bacterial proteins used to manufacture hyaluronic acid
• A history of anaphylaxis

The skill and experience of the medical professional is important to ensure your results are natural. The filler will tighten loose skin very gently, enhance the structure and shape of your mid-face and provide a natural look. If you have additional aesthetic goals, you can also help smooth nasolabial folds, raise the corners of your mouth, plump your lips, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and reduce hollows beneath your eyes. As soon as your procedure has been completed, you will see immediate results. You may need to wait a couple of weeks for your optimal results to become visible. It is important to note a dermal filler will not move once injected. You do not have to be concerned about touching or washing your face. The filler will remain exactly where the injection was placed for six to 18 months depending on the filler.

One week prior to receiving your treatment, you will need to make certain preparations. This includes avoiding:

• Alcohol
• Aspirin
• Ginseng
• Motrin
• Vitamin A
• Cod liver oil
• Ibuprofen
• Vitamin
• Flax oil
• Ginkgo biloba
• Fish oil
• Excedrin
• Essential fatty acids

The length of time your results will last is dependent on the specific dermal filler used. There are permanent and temporary fillers available. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are the most often recommended and most popular fillers.

The Types of Cheek Fillers

One of the most popular fillers is called JUVÉDERM. This line is based on hyaluronic acid and manufactured by the same company that makes Botox®. The line offers different fillers to treat numerous facial concerns. The first hyaluronic acid filler for adding volume and sculpting the cheeks approved by the FDA is called JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®. Your results with this filler last for a maximum of two years. This filler lasts longer than the majority currently available on the market. This filler is a good option for sculpting your cheeks and lifting your face. The result is a more youthful appearance.

It is important to understand every individual is unique. Facial rejuvenation must be based on the specific needs of each person. The considerations include the condition of your skin, your facial structure, current medications and medical history. This is how the best dermal filler for your needs is determined. You will work with a medical professional during your consultation to make certain the correct filler is used for your unique needs for the best possible results.

Everyone perceives true beauty in a slightly different way. This is an important concept in modern society. Many individuals see adult beauty as a chiseled and elongated face. This results in an appearance similar to an inverted triangle. The broadest area of the face is the cheeks with the chin narrower. This creates a proportional and attractive face with an ideal side profile curve. Changes to your face result from factors including exposure to the sun and the process of aging. As you start to lose facial fat, you cheeks gradually become hollow and sunken. This results in other changes such as deeper wrinkles and lines,

The aging process gradually changes your face from the ideal inverted triangle to a more tired and hollow appearance. These changes often begin so subtly, you may be unable to perceive the exact differences. You simply know you look different and desire an improvement. The best way to avoid much more invasive treatments as time passes is with hyaluronic fillers for your cheeks. This option is far less expensive than surgery, offers beautiful results, you can see the difference immediately, there is absolutely no downtime, and your results will last between six months and two years depending on the specific filler. To achieve the look you desire, it is important that the medical professional is well trained and experienced with this procedure.

The Procedure and Benefits of Cheek Fillers

A topical anesthetic will be applied before you receive any injections. This will help ensure you do not feel any pain during your treatment. The first step is a mapping and assessment of your face. The medical professional will thoroughly examine your skin tone and facial appearance. This effectively determines which areas of your face require augmentation. The best cheek filler for your needs will also be determined at this time. The correct injection sites will be marked on your face at the strategic points. This is where the filler will be injected. Photographs are often taken for a later comparison. During the second step, an antibacterial agent will be used to clean your skin at the injection sites. At this point, you will either be given an anesthetic ointment or injected with a local anesthesia for your comfort.

The third step is the actual injection. In most cases, only a couple of minutes are required for each site. The medical professional will inject the filler, massage your skin and evaluate the results. More filler will be injected when needed. The length of your procedure will depend on how many areas you are having treated. This may be as little as 15 minutes or require as long as 60 minutes. Once the medical professional has achieved the desired results, the markings for the injection sites will be removed. Cheek fillers offer a wide range of benefits including:

• Filler injections are a convenient option for both men and women for fighting the signs left behind by the aging process. Numerous individuals schedule their treatment during their lunch break because they can go back to work immediately. The treatment is non-invasive, convenient, and offers excellent results without the lengthy period of recovery required for surgery. There is no reason to miss work, use your sick pay or vacation time, or interrupt your day for more than an hour at most. The injections are effective, safe, and an excellent option for filling in hollow or sunken cheeks and contouring your face. The moment you walk out the door after your treatment, you can immediately drive home, run errands, or go out to lunch. There is nothing special you need to do after your treatment except for resuming your busy life while enjoying the way you look.

• The only thing better than not having any recovery period or downtime is being able to see your results immediately. This is the reason you will walk out the door after your treatment with a big smile on your face. Yes, you will have to wait a few days before your optimal results are revealed. Keep in mind, you have to wait for weeks or even months to see your results with many different treatments. The natural proteins in the fillers can be injected safely. This will not only add more volume to your cheeks, you can also have deep creases, wrinkles and lines in your skin smoothed out. The moment these proteins are injected, the process begins. Once the particles have settled under your skin, you will see the full results.

• Due to the immediate results, fillers are an excellent option for ensuring you look your very best before a vacation or an important meeting or event. This is an ideal way to achieve a more youthful look fast as opposed to waiting for weeks while you recover from facial surgery. If you need fast results, this is the best possible solution.

• A lot of individuals do not want to have surgery due to the potential for complications and the risks. There are no serious risks associated with cheek fillers, yet you still receive all of the benefits. Most of the fillers currently being used are biocompatible. This means any risk of an allergic reaction is exceptionally low. This risk becomes virtually nonexistent provided you are honest with the medical professional about your medical history and any allergies. This enables them to choose the correct filler based on your specific needs and medical history. The variety and formulas of the composition of the fillers means your procedure can be customized to suit your specific needs to provide you with the best and smoothest results possible.

• One of the most common signs of age is a loss of volume in the cheeks. The exposure to gravity as time passes often causes a downward slide of the face. No treatment can stop the process of aging. This being said, fillers can replace the volume you have lost in your cheeks. This will effectively plump the hollows in your cheeks while providing the desired fullness and smoothness. The loss of volume often leads to a gaunt appearance. The additional volume can make you appear much younger and more radiant. The best way to move forward is to talk to a medical professional about what you want to accomplish. If you are interested in cheek fillers, consider us here at Delaney MD™ in Edmonds, WA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!