Contour TRL

At Delaney MD Aesthetics & Anti-Aging, we are proud to offer Sciton’s Contour TRL skin resurfacing laser to address our patients’ skin concerns with an extremely customizable treatment that can be personalized to suit each and every one of our patients’ skin needs.

With Contour TRL (tunable resurfacing laser), we can offer superficial to deep peels that can address an incredibly broad range of patient needs. We can customize treatment for each patient to ensure the procedure is the most effective for each individual patient and to optimize results based on the patient’s skin conditions and needs.

What Is It?

Contour TRL, which stands for tunable resurfacing laser, is a full-field skin resurfacing solution. Contour TRL gives us full control over the outcomes of each treatment, and the technology allows us to ablate as shallow or as deep as we want, with or without coagulation.

With Contour TRL, we can offer our patients treatments such as the NanoPeel and the MicroPeel.

  • NanoPeel: This is a superficial peel, which improves texture, tone, and luminosity.
  • MicroPeel: This is a deeper peel, which improves texture, tone, luminosity, and mild rhytids (wrinkles).

We can dial in the exact tissue effect needed for each patient with incredible precision, using exactly the amount of energy our patient’s skin needs. The treatment aims to stimulate the production of new collagen in a patient’s skin to improve texture and thickness.

What Can I Expect?

Before a patient’s treatment, their skin will be cleansed and their eyes covered and protected from the laser. The procedure could be completed in just a few minutes or even up to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area or areas.

Depending on the treatment, there may be a use of a topical anesthetic needed, or both topical and local. Some procedures may even require sedation.

After the treatment, patients may experience redness or some swelling. Recovery time for the procedure great varies depending on the depth of each treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

If you struggle with any of the following skin concerns, Contour TRL may be the right procedure for you.

  • Mild to deep wrinkles
  • Acne scars, post-traumatic and surgical scars
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Lax skin in all areas
  • Poor skin tone/texture
  • All skin types, both on face and body

Contour TRL is best suited to light to medium skin tones.

Contact Us for a Consultation

To learn more about Sciton’s Contour TRL, contact Delaney MD Aesthetics & Anti-Aging, located in Edmonds, WA, and schedule a consultation today! Contour TRL may be the solution to all of your skin concerns and you can find out with our talented and professional team — we’re just a phone call away!