10 Ways To Erase the Look of Those Stubborn Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As you get older, your skin is going to lose some of it’s youthful elasticity and you’re going to get wrinkles. Fortunately, we have 10 ways you can erase the look of those fine lines and wrinkles! Read our article for more information. Getting older is considered a great honor in many cultures. It shows […]
10 Ways To Erase the Look of Those Stubborn Fine Lines and Wrinkles
10 Ways To Erase the Look of Those Stubborn Fine Lines and Wrinkles
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10 Ways To Erase the Look of Those Stubborn Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As you get older, your skin is going to lose some of it’s youthful elasticity and you’re going to get wrinkles. Fortunately, we have 10 ways you can erase the look of those fine lines and wrinkles! Read our article for more information.

Getting older is considered a great honor in many cultures.

It shows wisdom, maturity and a well of experience to draw and learn from.

You’ve lived so much life and gone through so many experiences. But what do you about the things that aren’t considered ideal about getting older.

What do you do when your age has caused those fine lines and wrinkles everyone talks about? If you’ve got wrinkles on your forehead, around your mouth or under your eyes, don’t worry.

The great thing is that there are several ways to combat these lines without using tons of expensive products. We’ve put together a list of 10 things that’ll help fight and erase those pesky lines and wrinkles.

If that’s you, keep reading!

1. First Things First

The first thing we feel like mentioning is common sense but we could all use a reminder every now and then.

Your skin is your largest organ, and you need to take adequate care of it! Wearing sunscreen every day (even when the sun isn’t blaring), limiting your alcohol intake, and not smoking all have a direct impact on the condition of your skin.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid ever going to bed with makeup on. This can cause the residue makeup to sink into your pores and cause further deterioration of the skin cells beneath, eliminating elasticity and youthfulness.

2. Slather On the Sunscreen

We mentioned this in the last section but feel it’s important enough to mention it again.

Sun damage is one of the top reasons people develop wrinkles. If you already have wrinkles, the sun enhances and makes them more noticeable.

Be proactive by wearing sunscreen. This will aid in preventing skin cancer and fight the formation of wrinkles. Make sure that when you’re buying sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30.

Whenever you go outside, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you wear makeup, look for a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream that has SPF in it. Two birds with one stone!

3. Focus on Your Sleep

When’s the last time you got an adequate amount of sleep?

Sleep deprivation can be absolutely detrimental to your skin and it’s quality. If you are in the process of trying to prevent wrinkles and be proactive, assess your sleeping schedule.

There are several studies that have shown that women who experience long-term sleep deprivation notice that their skin wears out, becomes leathery, and those annoying bags show up. If you find it difficult to regulate your sleep schedule, there are a few options you could explore.

Check out the app store on your phone. There are dozens of apps that help remind you when you should go to sleep, monitor your sleeping habits, and wake you up before you enter your REM cycle.

4. The Right Position

If you can, you should try your best to sleep on your back. When you lay on your stomach and sleep in that position, your face gets squished on the pillow. This constant state of friction on your skin, over time, can cause wrinkles.

If that has been your chosen sleeping position for years, it might be time to change it up. While sleeping on your back would be the best option, try slowly making the change by sleeping on your side.

After you’ve conquered the side-sleep-position, you can begin working on making your permanent sleep position on your back. If you’re in the process of changing your sleep position, remember to wash your pillowcases weekly. Dirt and bacteria collect on your pillowcase, and if you’re only sleeping on your stomach or your side, this bacteria will seep into your pores.

Try sleeping on your back to prevent further damage to the skin.

5. Create More Collagen

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the drugstore makeup aisle, you’ve probably noticed that most anti-wrinkle products boast about some type of added collagen.

Collagen is a protein that your body creates naturally that gives your skin it’s strength and structure. Later on in life, the reason wrinkles and fine lines are created is due to a breakdown of your collagen cells.

So what is the best way to improve your collagen levels? Well, we’re glad you’ve asked!

To do this naturally, focus on introducing more collagen-forward foods into your diet. This includes bone broth, dark green veggies, organic meat, egg whites, beans, and cheeses.

6. Vitamin C

Another great way to add collagen and elasticity into your diet is to focus on increasing your intake of vitamin C.

A 2007 study found that people who ate foods rich in amounts of vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and dry skin compared to those that had less vitamin C intake. This happens due to vitamin C’s ability to fight free radicals (a by-product of cell metabolism).

Free radicals break down fats, proteins, DNA, and collagen. There are plenty of accessible ways to increase your daily amount of vitamin C.

Broccoli, bell peppers, and citrus fruits are a great way to do this. Another great way to do this is to apply a vitamin C treatment before putting on sunscreen or moisturizer. If applied before these protective coats, the treatment will better be able to penetrate the pores.

7. Stop Stressing

It’s a lot easier said than done, but stress actually has life-altering effects on the body. This includes chronic pain disorders, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal troubles, and much more.

Stress affects every single organ in your body. Your skin (the epidermis and your largest organ) is no different. Stress causes pre-wrinkling and aging at an alarming rate.

Carve out time in your daily life to do “de-stressing” activities. This varies from person to person as to what this actually looks like.

Some common ways people de-stress is through meditation, exercising, listen to your favorite music, enjoy quality time with loved ones, or unplug from technology for awhile.

Be intentional about planning 10 to 15 minutes each day when you’re going to do something that lifts stress and pressure off of you.

8. Have More Massages

Getting a massage has been shown to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and boost oxygen to the area being worked on.

But when you usually think of getting a massage, you probably first think about your back, neck, shoulders, and sore muscles.

You wouldn’t be wrong, but you should add your skin to the list! After you’ve washed your face and before you’ve gone to bed, break out the coconut oil.

Apply a fine layer to your skin and using your ring finger, begin massaging the oil into your skin in a circular motion. Work from the inside of your eye to the outside of your cheek and up your cheekbone.

9. Get a Chemical Peel

If you’ve covered all of the previous options, it might be time to break out a few bigger guns.

Consider getting a chemical peel. A chemical peel is administered by a professional and is essentially a facial on steroids. Because chemicals are being applied to the skin and around the eyes, this option isn’t a DIY at home option to fix wrinkles and fine lines.

Don’t try giving yourself a chemical peel and find a credentialed professional. These professionals are usually dermatologists and estheticians.

Your chosen chemical peel provider will apply a type of acidic solution to your skin that will peel off. Once peeled off, a new layer of skin will surface and your wrinkles should be less obvious.

If you want to see more of an improvement, chemical peels are usually offered in sets. Set up regular chemical peel appointment over the course of several months to see regular improvement.

10. Call Us

The above are all good options for continuous care but that doesn’t solve the issue for all people. In many cases fine lines and wrinkles will continue to be more prominent as we age. The great news is our practice has solutions to reduce and even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with a number of treatments. Botox cosmetic being one, and it the most common aesthetic treatment that patients have done in the US. Call to schedule an appointment, ask about erasing wrinkles and our professional and knowledgeable staff will set up an appointment with one of our providers. Within a few days of treatment you should see results, your skin will tighten up in the treated area and

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

There you have it! 10 ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There are numerous amounts of options when it comes to fighting wrinkles. There isn’t a right or wrong way to fight wrinkles. If you’re wanting a more natural way, try out the first eight options. If you feel like you’re pent up and have exhausted all your options, try opting for a more professional approach.If you still have questions or comments about preventing wrinkles, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to answer any questions you have. Either way, you’re on the road to experiencing fewer wrinkles!